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PIN Tips – Personal Identification Numbers

PIN Tips – Personal Identification Numbers

Your PIN is a four-digit number that’s required for making purchases with credit cards. In today’s world, where people have to remember dozens of passwords and usernames, choosing a PIN that is both easy to remember and difficult for the thieves to figure out can be quite challenging. But, have no worries – we’re here to help you with several simple methods that will assist you in creating a great PIN. Read on!

  • Writing down and reusing PINs

    Just like passwords, the PINs often end up written on things that they’re supposed to protect – some people will simply write it on the back of their credit or debit card. This is, of course, a wrong decision – anybody who takes that card will be able to drain the account on an ATM. Another wrong decision would be to write the PIN on a sticky note and place it at a visible location (on the fridge, for example).If you have numerous accounts, we strongly suggest choosing a different PIN for each account – in that way, only one of your accounts could end up raided. Of course, it can be pretty hard to remember all those PINs, so check out the following methods that will help you create and remember PINs.

  • The Cell Phone Method

    As your phone probably already has many contacts, add another, fake contact, hiding the PIN number within it. For example, if your PIN is 4242, add a phone number that will look like this: 4242-104-7453. There are some drawbacks to this method, though – like the dead battery or a missing phone.

  • The Word Method

    Another way to create and remember your PIN would be to create it from a word. Think of the letters that are located on your cell phone’s keypad – in this way, the PIN number 2572 can be converted to “AJPA” (A is on the 2, J is on the 5, and so on). The main disadvantage here is the fact that the automated hacking programs are able to figure this out. Luckily, the banking systems can lock the account after three or four unsuccessful attempts.

  • The Date Method

    You can also create a PIN number out of some significant date. If your birthday is on December 15, 1981, you can create a number that will be derived from this date. You can use 1215 (Month and Day), 1281 (Month and Year) and so on. The drawback here is that somebody who knows you closely might be able to guess the number. Some thieves are even willing to find personal information through free databases or social media. To achieve the best results, you can simply mix up the numbers.

  • The Addition Method

    Another way to randomize the PIN would be to add numbers to it – you can, for example, add 1 to every number of your PIN. In that way, “7452” becomes “8563”, and so on.

  • Other Good Ideas

    You could use the date of your favorite holiday – for example, Halloween (1031 or 3110). You can also base your PIN on a phrase that’s hard for you to forget, like “Now is the time” (NITT – 6488). You could also use a sequence from your childhood phone number or from a company ID that’s no longer in use.

As you can see, it’s not so hard to create a number that will be hard for the thieves to crack. Too many people use numbers like “1234” and you shouldn’t be among them. If your bank allows PINs that are longer than four digits, go for it – the more numbers, the harder to crack.

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