Month: September 2017

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September 18, 2017

How to Collect the Money and Minimize Risk (ATM Safety Tips)

The Automated Teller Machines, or the ATMs, present a great convenience but can also compromise one’s safety. Any robber searching for an easy prey only has to find an ATM in a dimly-lit and low-trafficked area, and wait for an opportunity. This is what makes the cash machines inside banks your safest bet, but it …

September 11, 2017

How to Use an ATM Safely and Effectively

The ATMs, or the Automated Teller Machines, present an easy and a convenient way to access your cash from almost anywhere in the world. But if you’re new to them and have never used them before, you might be in a bit of a worry – it’s all about your money, after all. That’s why …

September 10, 2017

PIN Tips – Personal Identification Numbers

Your PIN is a four-digit number that’s required for making purchases with credit cards. In today’s world, where people have to remember dozens of passwords and usernames, choosing a PIN that is both easy to remember and difficult for the thieves to figure out can be quite challenging. But, have no worries – we’re here …

September 4, 2017

Using a Debit Card at an ATM (Easy Guide)

As you already know, your debit card can do more than just allow you to make purchases with online retailers and merchants. With it, you can also get the cash from ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines), and for some people, that’s the only reason to use a debit card at all. After all, a credit card …

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